@@Symposium held in Seoul, Korea July 2004


1.  WTO/DDA Negotiations on Agriculture  by Dr. CHOI, Yong Kyu

2.  Current Status of Varietal Improvement in Specialty Rice Suitable for Food Processing and High-Functional Utility  by Dr. @@Hae Chun, Choi

3.  The Outlook of Long-Term Rice Consumption by Import Scenarios by Dr. Doo Bong, Han

4.  Estimation of Optimal Storage Level in Korea Rice Industry : Application of Dynamic Stochastic Optimization Model by Dr. Jeong-Bin, Im

5.  A Study on the Rice Consumption and Purchase of Urban Households by Dr. Jung, Tae-Ho

6.  Traditional Rice Products In Korea by Dr.JUN-SEOK KUM

7.  Behavior of Rice consumption in Korea by Dr.Lee, Kye-Im

8.  How to forecast rice production and consumption in Korea ? by Dr. Tae Ho, Lee

9.  A Survey of Kwangju city housewives' rice consumption pattern by Dr. Park, Jun-Keun

10. Rice ? What does it mean in Korean agriculture by Dr. Jin Kyo Suh



1. gWorld Rice Consumption Promotion Strategiesh by Shoichi Ito

2. gHistory and Evaluation of Rice Consumption Promotion Programs in Japanh by Shiro Inamoto

3. gEnriched food in Vietnam, ENALAZ, which makes rice the main ingredient h by Ishikawa Yukihiro

4. gWTO/FTA@Negotiation and Recent Trend of Rice Marketh by Masaru Kagatsume

5. gTrend of Rice Consumption in Japanh by Kako Toshiyuki

6. gFantastic Germinated Whole Riceh by Hiroshi Kayahara

7. gGIS Utilization in the Agriculture Fieldsh by Ryota Nagasawa

8. gDevelopment of Rice Cookers for Delicious GOHAN(Rice)h by Masayuki Shimozawa

9. gOn the Present and Future of the Rice Production in Chinah by Wan Li

10. gQuality relationship between paddy-field and riceh by Eiji Yamaji